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High Converting UI/UX to Digital Marketing

Charlie Banana offers a unique product to all the eco-consistent consumers out there. It is the only company that offers washable and reusable cloth diaper and Menstrual Pads for Women that is truly eco-friendly and innovative. They required a dedicated team to uncover the problems of their site and help come into the market limelight.

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Charlie Banana wanted a team that can be multi-dimensional and help them in various facets. Right from a conversion-friendly UI/UX to managing their products to Amazon. The company needed a way to get the word out to its target audience. Apart from that it also needed some tactful digital marketing strategies which will bring in some profit-based result which can make the
customers learn more about the company.

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Backed up with a team of professionals in various facets, we came on board to deliver this Eco-Friendly brand what they truly required. Not only a high converting UI and UX were developed, but we organized their Instagram page as well and managed a flawless listing process for their products on Amazon.
Our team of UI/UX designers took its existing site to another level based on insights gained user testing. The end result was an easy to use and simple to understand interface. Our digital marketing strategies for them created a full brand experience that customers would engage with. We started by developing
graphic designs and Instagram creatives with a full-color palette that reflects their innovation to have a noticeable change in conversion.

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