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Administration works done with ease! Leave the time-consuming work to Maxsource’s administrative assistants.
Administrative Assistant
Virtual Administrative Assistant

Virtual Administrative Assistant Services

Administrative virtual assistant provides expertise and administrative skills to individuals and enterprises who require assistance with typing services, back-office support, or consistency with data management and record-keeping. Admin assistant will handle all of your administrative needs and be available whenever you are not. This service is stress-free and devoted to you and your company. At Maxsource, we are always striving to make your time here worthwhile.

Expert Virtual Administrative Assistant Service

Administartive Assistant
Adminisatrative Assistance Service

Having the right backup for handling your company’s back-office workload means increased time to focus on running the business. Maxsource provides virtual office administration support to all sizes of businesses that require virtual office support on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our administrative virtual assistants are experienced professionals.

A virtual assistant can increase your business’ productivity and provide you with time to focus on what your business needs to grow. Find more time to concentrate on running your business and let our administration support work for you.

Maxsource offers a complete enterprise solution. Deploy admins across different offices, departments, or functional divisions to handle each unit’s needs. The service is available to an unlimited number of team members.

Why Choose Maxsource Administrative Assistant Services?

Flexible Plans

We provide a variety of scalable programs, allowing you to increase your hours as your business grows and the need arises.

On-Demand Support

Because our assistants are virtual, we can service offices all around the world, and virtual assistant reassignment is simple.

Perfect Match

Find a virtual assistant for you who has the abilities you need to help with things like client relations, billing, etc.

Administartion Assistance

The Benefits of Administrative Assistant Services

In whichever field you work in, there is an administrative side to your business operations. Let’s look at the benefits your company could gain from hiring an administrative assistant.
  • Saves Time
  • Streamlines Clerical Duties
  • Connects Everyone
  • Offset Your Weaknesses
  • Welcoming Presence
  • Increase Productivity


What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who works for you while functioning outside of your workplace. He or she normally works from home but can access key planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel our services at any time. We prefer that you notify us in advance.

How do I know my VA is capable of doing what I require?

Our rigorous vetting of both our clients and independent contractors ensures that you are matched with the greatest possible match based on skills, needs, and personality.

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to contract for only the services you require. Because a virtual assistant is an independent contractor, you are not required to give the same benefits or pay the same taxes as a full-time employee. Furthermore, because the virtual assistant works remotely, there is no requirement for a desk or other workstation in your business. A virtual assistant is required to pay for and furnish their computer equipment, software packages, and high-speed Internet access. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you save time and focus on building your business and generating income.

Isn’t it more expensive than employing someone?

When you hire an employee, you have a lot of things to administer (payroll, possibly benefits), a lot of things to buy or lease (equipment, furniture), you have to deal with a variety of insurances (workers’ comp, unemployment), pay your share of taxes, conform to Federal mandates (OSHA, ERISA), and you have to share space well (no more working in your pajamas! ), and you have to share space well (no more working in your pajamas It takes a long time to set up and maintain, and it can be physically demanding.

Virtual Assistance was never meant to be a low-cost option for administrative and operational support. It was designed to be the most convenient option for having on-site or virtual personnel providing that support, and it certainly is. As a result, you pay extra for the ease of working with another company (rather than your own) and not having any of the above-mentioned obligations and requirements. Working with a VA may be costly if you place a high value on money over time and fail to see the connection between the fact that spending time comes at a cost. However, if you want more time for yourself to spend on things that are important to you, working with a virtual assistant is a great option.