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It makes no difference whether your need is temporary or ongoing. Maxsource would be delighted to provide our best virtual assistant services at amazingly reasonable prices. We have successfully penetrated markets because our services provide significantly greater pricing flexibility and customization possibilities. The best aspect is that we have highly skilled virtual research assistants who are dedicated to resolving your problems.

Want To Get Fact Filled, Internet Data For Business Intelligence?

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Internet Research

Our expert virtual assistants can make it happen. Every business idea, plan, or strategy springs from a vast study of the market and industry. Businesses always feel the need to obtain, evaluate, and interpret information that may benefit them, whether it is to expand their business, devise a marketing strategy, or uncover knowledge about the competition. The internet or online has a limitless supply of information but what is challenging is sorting and filtering the data we need. For sure, it is a time-consuming process, to say the least, which most business owners do not have. Hiring a full-time employee in-house solely as a research assistant doesn’t make much sense as it would only cause a financial drain.

So are you thinking about what the solution is? Don’t worry! We have got your back. Outsourcing market research tasks to Virtual Assistants is the best bet. At Maxsource Technologies, our virtual research assistants, with their years of experience, can help you with a wide range of business research services to take your business to the next level.

Why Choose Maxsource for Internet Research Assistants Services?

Quality Services

At Maxsource Technologies we have dedicated teams who audit tasks completed by virtual research assistants.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence is unique, and we are dedicated to putting our clients' needs first.

No Administrative Concerns

Manage all types of administrative responsibilities. We have experience with basic & our VAs handle this perfectly.


Timeliness and accountability are two of the many things we focus on because we value your time.


We take extraordinary measures to safeguard your important data.The entire project will be carried out under the NDA.

Specialized Professionals

Our VAs use the latest technology and research techniques, so they can complete any research.

Internet Research Assistance

The Benefits of Internet Research Assistant Services

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, you will need to conduct research for a variety of reasons. A virtual research assistant works remotely, conducting internet research and data compilation according to the needs of the organization. It can help you track competition, find new markets, launch new products, etc.
  • Save Money
  • Superior Research
  • Detailed Reports
  • Data Privacy
  • Trained Professionals
  • Customer Feedback
  • Productivity
  • Flexibility


What exactly is a Virtual Research Assistant?

A Research Virtual Assistant, as the name implies, works remotely and conducts internet-based research and data compilation for various customer objectives. Because the importance of internet research cannot be overstated in terms of an organization’s growth, businesses must subcontract the task to industry experts. However, hiring a regular employee for work has its own set of disadvantages. That’s when a Research Virtual Assistant comes in handy. Clients may get all of their research done with minimum instructions and stay up to date on the ever-changing business trends.

Will I receive reliable and well-organized information?

Virtual assistants are often detail-oriented and thorough in their work.

Whatever subject you assign them to investigate, they will use whatever search tools and research methodologies they have at their disposal to provide you with accurate information in a clear, succinct, and easily understood manner.

What are the advantages of hiring a VA?

A modern VA can save you time on hiring and managing another person, improve client happiness, increase productivity, and improve your professional image.

What are the benefits of delegation? I already have time to complete the tasks at hand.

Some business owners delegate because they are overburdened and need to distribute the workload. However, it appears that delegating may be helpful to you because you will be able to use your newfound time on other elements of your organization. For example, you may have time in your day to complete administrative work; however, is this the best use of your time? You could earn more money if you delegated that work and spent the time doing more billable work.