Internet Research Assistants

Get Reliable Web-data to Make Informed Business Decisions

Want to get fact-filled, Internet data for business intelligence? Our expert virtual assistants can make it happen.

Organizations, regardless of their sizes, need to conduct Internet research for a variety of reasons, such as gaining competitive intelligence, finding new markets for their products and services, finding statistics to devise marketing plans, etc. As Internet research takes time and effort, successful organizations hire virtual research assistants. A virtual research assistant is a remote worker who conducts Internet research as per their clients’ needs and sends the data to their clients after compilation.

Following is the list of tasks that you can assign to our online research assistants:

  • Keyword search
  • Image and chart search
  • Product and market search
  • Buying research reports
  • Rates and catalogs search
  • Web research
  • Search for domain availability
  • Statistics assistance
  • Research data compilation
  • General vendor research
  • Schemes and deals research
  • Research related to paperwork and government procedures
  • Legal procedure research
  • Logistics solutions
  • Job search & application
  • Data processing & management

In addition to these tasks, your virtual research assistant can do any custom task you have in the mind.

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