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Internet Research

Get Reliable Web-data to Make Informed Business Decisions

Want to get fact-filled, Internet data for business intelligence? Our expert virtual assistants can make it happen.

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Every business idea, plan, or strategy spring from a vast study of the market and industry. Be it an intention to expand your business, devise a marketing strategy, or extricate information about the competition, businesses always feel the need to gather, analyze, and interpret information that might help them. The internet or online has a limitless supply of information but what is challenging is to sort and filter data we need. For sure it is a time-consuming process, to say the least, which most the business owners do not have. Hiring a full-time employee in-house solely as a research assistant doesn’t make much sense as it would only cause a financial drain. So are you thinking about what is the solution? Don’t worry we have got your back. Outsourcing market research task to Virtual Assistants is the best bet. At Maxsource Technologies our Virtual Research Assistant with their years of experience can help you with a wide range of business research services to take your business to the next level.

Following is the list of tasks that you can assign
to our online research assistants

Keyword search

Keyword search Image and chart search


Product and market search

catalogs search

Buying research reports Rates and catalogs search

domain availability

Web research Search for domain availability

data compilation

Statistics assistance Research data compilation


General vendor research Schemes and deals research


Research related to paperwork and government procedures

Legal procedure

Legal procedure research

Job search

Logistics solutions Job search & application

Data processing

Data processing & management

In addition to these tasks, your virtual research assistant can do any custom task you have in the mind.