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Custom Shopify Development for a Premium Paint Manufacturing Company

Custom Shopify Development for a Premium Paint Manufacturing Company

C2 Paint is a premium paint manufacturing and selling company based in New York. Successful websites are always customer-oriented at their core. Hence, the client wanted us to revamp their site and make it loaded with different advanced features that can make their site super user-friendly and entice customers to check their products online. We utilized our technical knowledge and expertise to make this site super productive. We created the site as per the mockup and the client’s requirements.
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Below is a list of the online services we provided to our client, C2 Paints.






The customer wanted to redesign the site with a new theme and have the site designed according to their mockup, which was different from the original. The site had to be pixel flawless and have a high visual look. Furthermore, a few unique functionalities needed to be added to the product page that no app offered. In addition, according to their design, we had to develop particular product templates detailing each product type.
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We started working on the site as a full-service Shopify Development Company in New York. With our expertise and knowledge, we figured out everything and were able to create the site as per the client’s requirements. For example, we changed the pages using liquid code because the design components differed from the original theme. There was also a color feature on the product page where we displayed roughly 500 hues for buyers to search in the dropdown. Because any software did not support this feature, we modified it to ensure that it works appropriately for the customer. In addition, we generated unique templates based on the client’s specifications.
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