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Just Imagine that you are a Blogger and you have prepared a magnum opus material after doing plentiful research and you are so overwhelmed about publishing it. You decide to publish this particular blog the first thing next morning. But oops! Yeah, the demon played his role there and you can’t get into the blogging tool.It is not only that you can’t get inside your blogging tool, but the page itself just simply vanished. How would you feel about that? Isn’t it ridiculous? It is the same for a guy who has hosted a website recently for his small scale business. Hosting a website is like giving wings for his dreams for taking his business to a different level. But what if the gremlins attack your website? That is a serious issue!Every day, there’s a chance that your website is vulnerable to any number of attacks from demons like hackers, scrapers, scammers, impersonators, and bots. Hacking is performed regularly by automated scripts written to scour the internet in an attempt to exploit known website security issues in the software.  Maxsource Technologies can help you with some tips to help keep yourself and your site safe online.
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Google offers a ranking boost to secure sites.

The majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. Obeying Google is the only way to show up your website in Google search results (also known as Search Engine Result Page – SERP). Google has announced that awarding an SSL certificate to your website will give it a ranking boost. The SSL certificate is an internet security protocol that encrypts the data on your website. When an attacker tries to access your data, he will only be able to see a bunch of senseless symbols that are unable to decrypt. So secure your site with HTTPS.

Protecting your Customers from Hackers

Your website can contain secret company documents, customer data, sales leads, etc…Whatever be your company size, it is the responsibility of the organisation to keep those data secure. A breach in intellectual property will expose the customer and vendor data and this can ultimately lead to a loss in your business and potentially can cause other complications.

Are you getting tensed? Oh! Even I was when I first came to know about all these. But now I am not because I follow some steps to nip such security threats in the bud. You guys can follow that too. It will help.


Install SSL

You must not compromise in securing your website with SSL, as we have discussed earlier  SSL plays a part in protecting your sensitive information on your website. A proper SSL certificate provides authentication and trust. It’s absolutely essential that your website has an HTTPS web address and built-in data encryption.

The below are few easy ways to add SSL to your website:

  • Some hosts like SiteGround and WPEngine offer free SSL, including one-click SSL options.
  • Hosts like GoDaddy offer paid SSL and will implement the certificates for you.
  • Intermediate users like Certbot or Let’s Encrypt can generate their own free SSL certificate.


Install a software

As I mentioned earlier hackers and cyber attacks are prevalent nowadays. You never know when these demons will access your website and your computer. Your sensitive data are always at risk of getting stolen and the data can be misused. Installing an anti-malware program can help you to protect your website and customers from spyware and ransomware. Spyware is responsible for stealing sensitive data from your website and also your computer whereas ransomware locks you out of your website until you pay some kind of ransom to the attacker.

An anti-malware software will scan your computer for vulnerabilities and will regularly update you on the same. Your web host can help you with finding website solutions too, or it may already be included. So it is important to install anti-malware software to your device.

Secure your Password

Beat your hackers with your password. Don’t permit trespassing to your personal kingdom. Yeah you must be probably thinking how to set up a secure password. I can help you with some tips. Just have a look.

  • It is important to use different passwords for different logins.
  • The password that you setup must be strong and difficult for others to guess
  • Make your password long
  • Mix up letters, symbols, numbers etc…
  • Avoid using sequential letters and numbers
  • Don’t use common substitutions.
  • Change your password regularly
And yes, it can be difficult for you to remember these passwords so consider signing up for passwords ,managers like Keeper and dashline and also enable two factor authentication to make it more secure.

Save Backups:

Having backup copies of your most important datas saved in a remote location keeps it safe in case something goes badly wrong with your computer. You can just restore the datas, as simple as that. So I suggest you make it a routine. Backup you websites, pages and files at least once in a week.Your web host usually backups all the datas and if they are not providing backups you can rely on backup plugins like BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus.

Install security plugins or apps

Installing security plugins gives you a hand in protecting your website and important data. Given below are a few features of security plugins.

  • Firefall protection to resist the malicious attack
  • Malware scanning
  • Always keeps an eye on what happens inside your website and also keeps a record of it.
  • Improves site performance.

There are literally hundreds of different website security plugins available, so make sure you install one.

Now you know how to make your website secure. So please follow the steps and do the needful. So what are you waiting for? Go get your website secured and say toodles to gremlins.

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