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Packs Project

Focused on Strategies for Increasing Reach and Conversions in Digital Marketing

Focused on Strategies for Increasing Reach and Conversions in Digital Marketing

Packs Project manufactures vegan leather backpacks duffel bags, and messenger bags in Los Angeles, California. They majorly aim at raising funds for education relief in developing nations. When they approached Maxsource, their primary goal was to optimize their search engine results, promote their social media profiles, and run Google ads.

What Web Services We Provided

Below is a list of the online services we provided to our client, Packs Project.






To become or remain visible to its target audience, a company must market and promote its business. However, Packs Project, even though they attempted to advertise their brand, was ineffective in audience growth and conversions since they had to spend their time on operational concerns. Also, they were not well informed about marketing techniques and strategies. As a result, they decided to seek professional assistance. In addition, they desired that Maxsource have total control over SEO, SMO, and Google Ads. As a result, as we often say, we never let our customers down.


Developing a simple marketing strategy could solve various marketing problems for any business. So, after extensively researching the Packs Project, we devised a successful marketing strategy that considered all of their requirements. We developed an action plan while keeping up with developments and technologies in SEO, SMO, and Google Ads and began implementing it. Yes, that was successful. We were able to get their product in front of the right people, and conversion rates rose as a result. We are extremely happy that we could offer the outcomes that the Packs Project expected.