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Marigold Shadows

Strong UI/UX & Email Marketing Strategy To Optimize Conversions

Strong UI/UX & Email Marketing Strategy To Optimize Conversions

Marigold Shadows are a passionate brand, making an exclusive collection of funky Korean garments based on the black and white color palette. They create every piece with a unique touch of fashion, and some of their collections are made to order.

What Web Services We Provided

Below is a list of the online services we provided to our client, Marigold Shadows.





Marigold Shadows by Maxsource Technologies


Marigold Shadows discovered that their business needed an online presence in addition to their offline market, as is typically the case with an eCommerce-based firm. In addition, they discovered that their brand was becoming increasingly fragmented throughout its numerous independently-run sites, with little consistency in how it communicated brand messaging at the retail shop level.


Marigold Shadows needed a cohesive Digital Presence to reestablish the brand and reconnect with its customers. Therefore, they asked us to guide them through a thorough marketing campaign, and we created a comprehensive website design to strengthen their brand for the online user experience. To tie the brand together, we updated their website with our specialized design and development team and an email marketing campaign to reach a specific audience. Also, we managed their graphic design, meticulously constructing each creative based on their color concept.
Marigold Shadows by Maxsource Technologies