Magento vs Shopify – Which Is The Right Platform For You?

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Selecting the best eCommerce platform for developing, operating, and maintaining an online store is crucial since it can determine whether your business succeeds or fails. This is especially critical for small enterprises, which must work with limited resources and finances. Here we have brought together a few factors that may help you choose the right platform to build your eCommerce store.

Magento vs Shopify Which Is The Right Platform For You 1 By Maxsource Technologies

1. Basic online store functionality

Shopify and Magento both include basic store functions that are pretty easy to use and maintain on a regular basis. When compared to Magento, Shopify is substantially easier to set up and utilize. Both Magento and Shopify contain basic features like shopping carts, checkout modules, collections, and product pages. The biggest difference is that Magento includes a lot more intermediate and advanced functionalities. In order to gain more functionality out of Shopify, you’ll almost always need to acquire an app.

2. Inventory management

All Shopify plans allow you to have an infinite number of products in your store. You can also develop and sell an endless number of products with Magento. Both systems make it simple to build goods and collections, but Shopify has a leg up on the competition due to its direct connectivity with dropshipping inventory software.

While Magento allows for a virtually unlimited number of products, if you add too many products to your Magento store, your host (server) performance and site loading speed may suffer as a result – something you won’t have to worry about with Shopify because it is a fully managed and hosted solution.

3. Calculation of shipping charges

Both platforms provide robust and versatile tools for calculating shipping rates, which is one of the most basic and important components of selling physical things through an online storefront. Shopify also interacts with several drop shipping tools (including shipping estimates) and more precise shipping calculators, which might be useful if you want to be as precise as possible with your customers.

4. Provision for discount codes

Shopify, an underdog in this category, does not include this feature in its Lite plan, but it is included in all other levels. Magento includes functionality for creating and calculating discount codes right out of the box.

5. Payment gateway options

Shopify has a significant advantage here, with support for over 70 payment gateways, but Magento is at a disadvantage with support for a far smaller number of gateways. Third-party add-ons, on the other hand, can be used to add more gateways to your Magento store. Shopify’s greatest flaw, in my opinion, is that it pushes you to use their built-in payment gateway.

6. Themes and templates

Both Shopify and Magento have a huge range of themes and templates that can be customized to match your items and preferences. While the quantity of free Shopify themes is substantially less than that of Magento Open Source, it should be noted that the free Shopify themes are generally more modern than those offered by Magento.

7. Apps and add ons

Shopify has over 100 apps and add-ons to choose from. Shopify applications help you improve and enhance the functionality of your online business in a variety of ways. Apps like loyalty programs, bookkeeping, and email marketing are all available in the Shopify App Store, which is continually expanding. Shopify’s app store is also well-moderated, so you won’t end up installing some useless software.

8. Multilingual capabilities

Shopify does not directly provide full multilingual capabilities. Third-party/paid Shopify apps are available for constructing completely multilingual stores. Another option at Shopify is to custom code your theme so that it may be used in multiple languages. However, you’ll almost certainly need to hire a Shopify developer to finish the job. Magento has an advantage here as too, with better multilingual support built-in.

As we’ve seen, there are a variety of aspects to consider when selecting the ideal eCommerce platform for your company. What works best will be determined by your objectives, budget, and level of knowledge. So, when deciding between Shopify and Magento, think about what matters most to you. If you want to create an online store with additional functionality, scalability, and customization options, Maxsource Technologies can help. We are an end-to-end Shopify Design and Development Company in New York steadfast to boost up your sales curve so you can hit your revenue target year after year, with ease. Visit: