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Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your Results

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So here is a situation, you are searching for a service through a search engine, and you find an organization that can provide you with the service you need; so to know more and to schedule your appointment, you click on the link given, and yes, the link takes you to the landing page of the website. But what? The landing page is still buffering.

So, what would you do, you would close the particular window and start looking for another organization that can provide you with the same service, and yes, you found it. So, you clicked on the link, and yes, the landing page came up, but now you cannot understand the landing page as it is not well organized, and yes, you close that window too and search for another. Now you found the perfect one, with an ideal landing page with no such mistakes, and yes, you learned about their services, you were impressed, and you made your appointment.

Yes, avoiding mistakes and developing a responsive landing page is crucial, or you will lose 80% of your customers. This article will examine the fatal errors on landing pages that can harm your conversion rates.

Landing Page Design


Can you handle some terrible news? Researchers say that 74% of your customers will be bailing if the page fails to load within 5 seconds. Page speed has the most considerable influence when optimizing your landing page. If you own an e-commerce or online store, boosting your website’s speed could prevent more than half of your visitors from leaving. So, do you want some tips to improve page speed? Here it is.

Clean up the code.

Trust us, and it will work; cleaning up the junk in the code is the fastest way to improve your page speed.

Resize and compress images

Landing pages that use too many or too large images and long videos have longer loading times. So try to resize and compress them.

Minimize Redirects

Try to use 301 redirects which is the SEO-friendly way.


You know what? 48% of the landing page has multiple calls to action and offers for customers. And only 16% of landing pages are free from the annoyance of navigation bars. The conversion rate of this 16% has increased by 1000% since their landing pages are intended to emphasize a single call-to-action and lack a navigation bar.


You must be amused to know that limp leadlines can reduce the possibility of high traffic by 14% percent. Of course, you understand that the headline makes the first impression, making the customer scroll down. However, limp headlines create difficulties for you to hold on to more visitors in more than 5-10 seconds. Understanding the preferences and expectations of your target audience might help you craft a more effective headline. But, of course, the main thing you must take care of is that the title must match the entire landing page content.


When put in the correct position, CTA can help you improve your sales. But the question is where to put the CTA. Your CTA must stand out from everything else on the page. It is small, but it must be eye-catching.

You can locate the primary page CTA in the right sidebar and use a catchy color to make the CTA stand apart.


A landing page form should be qualified and easy to fill. Customers can lose their patience and interest if you ask for many details or provide them with messy or multiple formats.
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