Importance Of Developing An M-Commerce Strategy

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Yes, you know what the current trend is, of course, it is selling through the internet. People around the world are now getting everything they want at the comfort of their home. In recent years we have witnessed a boom in the domain of online shopping.

You have a smartphone, right? And I bet, you access the internet through your smartphone. Like you approx. 1.2 billion people are in habit of using their smartphones to access the internet daily. Tailing the E-Commerce, came in the concept of M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce). As the name suggests, yes it is shopping through a Mobile with an internet connection.

M-commerce has been gaining popularity with time but still a vast majority of eCommerce owners and retailers are not much aware of its stupendous influence. People are still juggling with marketing strategies to develop the awareness and popularity of their online stores. M-commerce is one of the most popular and effective methods to increase the customer base and overall revenue.


The best scope of success within an industry or trend is to start it when the only way is up and the market is not over-saturated. This idea can be applied to the present mobile commerce market. The majority of retailers and service providers identified that their needs to be an app or mobile-optimized version of their website offered to keep improve their business and also to keep the mobile users happy. Data suggests that still, 72% of US millennials prefer shopping via PC or laptop over their mobile devices. This is where the demographic that usually drives new technological trends to the front. 88% of US millennials are yet to take on a mobile wallet at all. This portrays that there is still room before the concept takes off.

Why is M-Commerce important?

Smart Phone, the 24/7 pocket-friendly device. Any necessity of shopping at any point in time can be fulfilled with a smartphone instead of getting into the hassle of finding and then operating a laptop or desktop.

In the beginning, youth preferred mobile phones for shopping online, but with time, mobile shopping has become a matter of convenience for all age classes, boosting up the number of customers for e-commerce.

Mobile commerce permits companies to enter new markets that they could never reach before. According to Statista, by 2021, the number of smartphone users will rise to 3.8 billion. Wow! this is roughly half of the current world population. You know every person with a mobile device is a potential customer.

Another key element among the benefits of M-Commerce for businesses across different industries is that it allows for targeted timing. Mobile commerce apps help brands to reach their customers with the right message at the perfect time.

M-commerce helps you to directly target your customers with a mobile app. That way, you can cut short the cost of your marketing campaign. If your app becomes popular, you can even earn some extra money by placing ads within your app.

Businesses can easily communicate with their audiences in many different ways like email newsletters or social media. But there’s nothing as direct as push notifications. When ignoring an email is easy, the same isn’t true for push notifications.

How can we help?

It might be a few years before M-Commerce spending and revenue reaches the levels that e-commerce businesses enjoy right now, but we suggest it’s definitely better to get in on it now and ride along with the wave, instead of playing catch-up later on. If you are planning to put a start to your M-Commerce journey we would like to travel along with you. We have worked with 560+ businesses. Whether it is a start-up or enterprise we have delivered them with the best and innovative solutions always. At Maxsource Technologies we offer a broad range of services based on business requirements and all our work is cent percent customized as per the client’s requirements. Visit: