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How To Build Your Wholesale Shopify Business?

Shopify Business
Wholesale refers to selling large quantities of your products to other merchants (or wholesalers) rather than end-users. What is the best method to do this in the Shopify world? Create a separate store, use promo coupons, or use a wholesale app?


One of the best platforms for starting a wholesale business for your brand is Shopify. There are numerous technical options available to assist you in establishing a modern eCommerce store. Furthermore, there are numerous automation tools available to help you get started. Aside from the technical aspects, Shopify has several marketing tools that can help your store gain the awareness it requires.
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There are alternatives to Shopify’s out-of-the-box option for selling wholesale. Your wholesale technique may differ depending on the things you sell and how you sell them, but it should work for your business. The three most popular options are setting up a separate store, using coupon codes, or using wholesale software.


It’s simple to add a wholesale option to your eCommerce store. You may add the capability to your store using the “You Shopify” store. You can then create a “customer account” by going to the “customer account page” and selecting the “wholesale” option. It’s as simple as pie.


Chances are that you may be already selling to wholesalers. It’s a lot easier for you with Shopify Wholesale. It’s challenging to open wholesale and retail channels on the internet while keeping them separate. Many of the companies that do so have a separate system for wholesale sales. Shopify wholesale allows you to contact retail and wholesale consumers on the same platform.

You can track all your inventory in one place if you sell wholesale on Shopify. In addition, Shopify allows you to receive payment from wholesale customers. Resultantly, you will no longer have to hunt down late invoices.

Additionally, Shopify wholesale enables you to manage a wholesale order center that is open twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.
Even if the office is closed, customers can place orders. It’s especially handy if you’re a distributor dealing with businesses in different time zones.
You’ll also discover that selling bulk simplifies order fulfillment. Pallets, containers, and large boxes can all be transported. Picking and carrying are less expensive than placing several small orders.

1. Online shop with its domain

With Shopify, you can develop another store focused on wholesalers by adding a sub-domain or utilizing a different domain. You can create an independent store by copying your existing web store, password-protecting it, and personalizing it to provide your wholesale customers with the shopping experience you desire.


  • It’s simple to set up and doesn’t require any more tweaking.
  • A fantastic wholesale experience.
  • The ability to choose your payment, tax, and shipping methods.

2. Coupon codes

Without the hassle of developing complicated supplementary processes, discount codes for various discounts can be readily generated and disseminated to your target clients.


  • It’s quite easy to set up.
  • Both retail and wholesale can benefit from inventory tracking.
  • It’s simple to limit discounts to specific product groupings.

3. Wholesale apps for Shopify

Several apps in the Shopify App Store enable you to begin selling your products to wholesalers at various rates. Anyone seeking to expand their customer base of wholesale buyers should go with this option.

Bold Custom Pricing, Wholesaler, and Supple Wholesale are three programs that let you classify specific clients as wholesale. As a result, the products you intend to sell in bulk will subsequently be provided to them at unique lower prices.


  • Within the same store, you may track your inventory and orders.
  • The ability for logged-in users to see several pricing levels/tiers.
  • Increased pricing control over your product portfolio.

Shopify wholesale is a great place to start if you’ve never tried selling wholesale before. Likewise, Shopify Plus is a good option if you’re worried about your overall sales. To build a wholesale store on Shopify, however, you don’t have to do that. On Shopify, there are several alternative wholesale choices.

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