6 Tips For Creating a Successful Google Ad Campaign

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Have you ever run a Google ad campaign expecting great results, but you were not able to get the results you were expecting? You are probably doing it wrong. If you set up the ad properly, it will help you to increase online traffic, in-store traffic, brand recognition, and generate sales while reducing marketing costs. As a Google Ads agency in New York, we have listed 6 tips that can help you in creating a successful Google Ad campaign.

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1: Set a goal

Before you begin with creating the ad, get a clear idea about what is your goal, you have to think big picture. What are your business goals and your advertising goals? Once you’ve got a clear-cut idea on those things, you can narrow in on what your actual tactical action plan is and decide who to target, where to target, which age group to target, which keywords to target and etc…

2: Select keywords carefully

Create a list of specific keywords that potential customers may use to find you through search engines. Use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool and is a perfect place to start. One of the serious mistakes people do when finding the keywords is they always focus on positive keywords that bring them traffic. You must not forget to prepare a list of negative keywords too, because it can increase the quality of your traffic and improve your CTR (click-through-rate) significantly. Also, try to target long-tail keywords as they are super-specific and targeted to one business they allow you to target niche demographics.

3: Keep your target customer in mind when creating the ads

Write the content of your ad in a way that attracts the attention of your target audience, boosts customer interest, convinces them that they desire your product, and pushes them towards taking action. If you want them to choose your website never forget to include a tempting call to action.

4: Don’t mislead customers

Prepare the ad content which is accurate for the landing page. Make sure that each ad group is accurate for the landing page you’re promoting. Also, include your top targeted keywords in the landing page content and in the Ads text.

5: Test and test again!

You can only guess what might work best, as it’s impossible to predict exactly what your customers will consider as being most appealing, so prepare variations of your Ads and analyze which has the best click-through rate, the lowest cost per click, the highest number of conversions, etc. When you understand what works, keep only those Ads that are performing well.

6: Make use of Extensions

The extensions tab in your Google Ads dashboard allows you to add extensions directly to your ad to specify your location, products, features, or sales promotions. Make sure you use this feature well because 76% of users who search for a nearby service end up visiting that business that day. With increasing local searches even when are out on the town, you’ve got to wave the flag that you are nearby and are always ready to help.

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