5 Best Free WooCommerce Themes in 2021

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When opening an online store, there are numerous factors to consider. Starting a business is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Resulting, you might want to look into the finest free WooCommerce themes to help you with the process. As you proceed to launch your new site and brand, a free WordPress theme will help you stay on budget. You’ll also have access to your store’s major features if it’s WooCommerce compatible.

In this article, we’ll go through the qualities that a good WooCommerce WordPress theme should have. After that, we’ll reveal our top five choices. Let’s get started!

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Quality WooCommerce WordPress themes are more difficult to come by than you might assume. While some themes are great for online stores, they may be missing critical functionality that will make running your business easier.

There are also multipurpose themes that work well with eCommerce websites. However, you can lose out on a better alternative if you simply look at options that have “WooCommerce” in their titles.

Keep your eyes peeled for a few critical elements when looking for a good WooCommerce WordPress theme:

Integration with WooCommerce: This may seem self-evident, but choosing a theme that works with your eCommerce plugin is critical.

  • Shop page layouts – WooCommerce enhances your website by adding product, cart, and checkout pages. Layouts for these pages are included in an appropriate theme for online retailers.
  • Customization options – Personalizing your online business is critical to attracting your target audience. Look for a theme that allows for extensive customization and compatibility with page builders.
  • Customization options – It’s critical to personalize your online business to attract your target audience. Look for a theme that allows for extensive customization as well as compatibility with page builders.
  • Performance optimization – Your store’s bounce rate and customer loyalty may suffer due to slow loading times. A lightweight theme is essential for maintaining page speed.

Of course, the theme should appeal to your personal preferences, which will be subjective.

Finally, you may decrease your store’s cost by restricting your options to free themes.


1. Astra WooCommerce Theme

Thanks to the team Brainstorm Force, Astra is the only non-default WordPress theme in the official WordPress directory to exceed 1 million downloads. It’s a versatile theme with a lightweight and simple design. It boasts a lightning-fast load time of as little as 0.5 seconds, despite its small size of 50KB. It’s also incredibly adjustable and flexible without the requirement for coding. It also works nicely with Elementor and Beaver Builder to provide a streamlined website creation process. Highlights:
  • Quick product view and an infinite scroll gallery
  • Several alternatives for checkout
  • A product catalog and grid settings are included
  • The theme is available for translation
When one million people bet on Astra in 2020, you shouldn’t wait to have your shop up and running with this fantastic WooCommerce theme. It’s also a theme that’s completely free. Of course, you can upgrade to a premium plan for $59 per year if you want more features.

2. Divi

Over 600,000 people have signed up with Divi. And a lot of them are using the WooCommerce theme to develop their WordPress sites. The Divi theme comes with a layout pack that includes more than 100 WooCommerce templates. Divi gives you plenty of options for choosing the best layout for your store. It also features easy-to-use graphic controls for personalization. Highlights

  • Inline text editing
  • Product filters
  • Options for background images
  • Advanced users can make changes to the code.
  • Pre-made designs for use right away

Divi is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating eCommerce stores that stand out and provide a perfect experience for end-users. The annual fee for Divi is $80. It’s a reasonable price, given its comprehensive features, flexibility, and convenience.

3. Ultra

Themify’s Ultra is another powerful and multifunctional theme. Its selling point includes a pre-built WooCommerce website with demo content.

Now simply add your content to the shop, product, and category pages, and your store is ready to sell.


  • Build-in add-ons
  • Pre Designed layouts
  • Options for sectional scrolling

Ultra is the fastest option if you want a no-nonsense alternative to ensure you get your store up and running in minutes.

Ultra offers a pricing structure that is based on the number of sites. You’ll be charged $59 for each site you create with this theme.

4. Storefront

Storefront is a purpose-built eCommerce theme that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and all of its plugins. While normal coding techniques are required for search engine and speed optimization, it is well worth the effort. It’s also nothing that can’t be accomplished with the help of WordPress developers.Highlights
  • Real-time customization options
  • The contact form section is available
  • Compatible with other WordPress plugins too
  • A fully-responsive theme
Storefront is also created by the team that created WooCommerce, so you can anticipate the best features and a smooth experience. Both free and premium versions of Storefront are available. Paid plans begin at $69 per site.

5. Shoppe

The Shoppe is our final recommendation. You may get your store ready to receive orders in just a few clicks. Pre-made themes are included, and one may import demo content with a simple click.


  • Wishlist options
  • Image zoom
  • Option to share products
  • Gallery slider
  • Flexibility in layout settings

It’s simple to use Shoppe’s many features thanks to its responsive design. However, the sky is the limit if you have experienced assistance.

Shoppe provides a three-month free trial period. After that, Shopee Plus costs $89. It includes 11 plugins, 25 builder add-ons, and 42 themes.

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