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10 Reasons Why Should Hire a Virtual Employee Instead of a Freelancer!

Hire Virtual Employee

Being a business owner, you might have considered hiring a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer. There is also a chance that you revolve around the comparison of these two employee types to find out which is the best for your business. Maxsource would suggest you go for a Virtual Assistant. Do you want to know why? Okay, let us explain.

Freelancers are external resources who work on your assignment on an independent basis. They have an open option to work as per their time availability, considering the client’s requirements. Controlling an external resource is a bit challenging. You can communicate with them via the internet, but you can’t control them. Freelancers work from their homes independently, and they are not legally under any contract. Eventually, they often become tedious regarding availability, punctuality in meeting deadlines, and completing the assigned project. It can cause a delay in your workflow. In addition, freelancers work with multiple clients simultaneously, which may compel them to devote their most excellent attention and priority to whichever contract is the most financially rewarding for them.

Hiring a virtual assistant will eliminate these issues for you. The below mentioned are a few points that support the statement:

Hire Virtual Assistance


  • A virtual assistant assists you virtually in complete control for a range of tasks that can be managed by using a computer.
  • A virtual assistant considers your office as his virtual office and you can communicate or assist or manage your virtual employee as per your requirements.
  • Your virtual employee is committed to working only on your project, he or she cant take up any other work and will available for real-time communication opportunities in your time zone without fail.
  • A virtual employee can handle your virtual business tasks safely as he/she works as an in-house resource and he/she is a will stay as a dedicated employee to your organization.
  • Adequate IT support can be taken care of by virtual assistants but not by freelancers.
  • Hiring a virtual can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. He/she works as an add on to your local office team.
  • Working with dedicated virtual assistants means a significantly substantial degree of accountability and supervision.
  • Virtual Employees are full-time resources. They work for only one client and that particular project is always their foremost priority.
  • Unlike freelancers, virtual assistant professionals work from a supervised office of the service provider. They are well equipped with a PC, telephone, high-speed internet connection, scanner, printer, webcam, and all other resources to run their work smoothly.
  • It is quite easy to collaborate with Virtual Employees when compared with freelancers.

Maxsource Technologies have come up with providing virtual helpers with a varied range of services like customer support, administrative services, social media marketing, managing, and entering data and bookkeeping. When you hire a virtual assistant from Maxsource Technologies, you hire an independent partner whom you can completely depend on to assist you in most of the tasks related to your business. The tasks may go on like doing research on the internet, writing content, tasks related to administration, and so on. Experienced and expert virtual assistants have a perspective that is result-oriented and ensured that whatever work you assign to them is done within the time span. For these reasons, this industry has grown over the past few years.

Do you wish to hire a Virtual Assistant to give a boost to your business and to work according to your requirements? Maxsource Technologies can help you with it. Contact us today.

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