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10 Best Shopify Apps in 2021: Create a Better eCommerce Store

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Adding applications to your Shopify site might be costly, but they can bring significant value to your online company. First, we will guide you on installing the top free Shopify apps on the market.

You can quickly build your store– even on a small budget– whether you use a dropshipping importer or a service to help with your email campaigns. These have to have Shopify apps available for free, but there are also paid plans that can scale with your eCommerce business, regardless of your budget.

The best free Shopify apps are listed below without further ado.

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It’s a dropshipping product importer application.

Oberlo allows store owners to import dropshipping products with a single click, allowing you to start selling products the same day you sign up. As a result, you won’t have to buy large inventory, and you won’t have to spend money on product development.
This app enables new entrepreneurs to launch a business at a cheap initial cost. You can also use the app to place your orders. You can process an order with only one click after you get it because the entire procedure is automated. Because the workload is so small, this fantastic free Shopify software is ideal for folks who are working 9 to 5 jobs. It lets you concentrate on marketing your store, allowing you to expand quickly.


It’s a sales conversion notification app.

Why should you utilize it? Sales Notification is one of the greatest Shopify applications for increasing online store sales. It allows you to stimulate purchases by sending out sales notifications. Set cart alerts to add urgency to clients’ assets and social proof of a product’s popularity. Create alerts for recent visitors to make your store appear busy and professional. The software also allows you to hide goods, such as private or complimentary products, from sales notifications you don’t want to see.


It’s a chat app for Facebook Messenger.

Utilizing this application early on will prove to be incredibly useful to your company over time. Having a real-time communication channel with your customers allows you to swiftly respond to their questions, allowing them to make confident purchases. In addition, this live chat program will enable you to link your eCommerce store to your Facebook business page and provide superior customer care. It also allows you to customize a welcome greeting, custom icon, and response time to let users know what to anticipate when they start a Messenger chat.


It’s a gratitude email app; that’s it.

Most individuals spend so much time attempting to gain a customer that they forget to market to them after making the sale. After a consumer has placed an order on your store, Autoketing allows you to send them an email. Because a consumer has just completed a transaction with you, they are far more likely to open – and even expect – an email from you. Introduce yourself as the company’s founder and connect personally with your customers while promoting your fantastic brand. Delay the email’s delivery so that customers don’t assume it’s automated.


What exactly is it?

App for email marketing with omnichannel capabilities Omnisend, unlike many other Shopify email marketing apps, goes beyond just email. You can build robust automation workflows that include email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, WhatsApp, and more from easy-to-customize templates. This program assists online merchants in sending the right message to their customers, whether it’s an email capture popup with a tempting offer or a cart abandonment SMS to recoup lost revenue. In addition, their clever segmentation allows you to target your customers based on their data, campaign engagement, and buying habits.


It’s a Countdown Timer App.

It’s one of the most excellent free Shopify applications for increasing sales. To assist with a sense of urgency and motivate visitors to buy, the app allows you to set up a customizable countdown timer. You have complete control over the start and finish dates. With statements like “just a few things left,” one can utilize scarcity tactics with this timer. The software is particularly effective at converting customers on the verge of making a purchase. You can customize this timer to fit your store’s theme. This software would be helpful if you have a lot of traffic and need help enticing people to buy.


It’s a product review app.

Product Reviews is an essential Shopify tool for social proof. It adds consumer reviews to product pages. It is a highly effective method for gaining the trust of prospects. Prospects get to hear directly from your customers, allowing them to make an informed purchase. The app is also SEO-friendly, enabling you to include your product review scores in Google’s search results. So when customers use Google to find products, your product score can encourage them to click through, resulting in clients you might not have obtained otherwise.


An app for abandoned shopping carts.

This app is for you if your customers move from one device to another to complete their purchase. Keep Cart, one of the must-have free Shopify apps, enables clients to shop across many devices, reducing abandoned carts. When a consumer logs into your store, no matter what device they’re using, they’ll be able to quickly find the products they’ve put into their Cart. Some people prefer to start their search on their phone and then buy on their computer, or vice versa. Having their Cart accessible on all their devices motivates them to purchase additional items by serving as a reminder that they have items in their basket to be bought.


In the print-on-demand market, Printful is one of the most popular apps. A print-on-demand system is a great option if you’ve wanted to start your clothing line but haven’t had the time to develop your designs.

Printful provides easy print-on-demand dropshipping, a fulfillment warehouse, and access to your order creation warehouse. Printful also interacts with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify to make your life a little easier.


Here’s how to keep track of your goods. The Restocked Alerts app differs in that it tells users when an item is back in stock. As a result, customers who expressed interest but lost out on full shelves can help you increase sales.


Printify tries to simplify the order automation process as much as possible. Printify, like its main competition, employs a mockup generator to ease the strain of creating print designs. In addition, it offers simple drag-and-drop functions that are highly user-friendly.

Printify includes every color option you can imagine for creating a 3D high-quality product image. There is also an extensive product inventory to choose from.


ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell lets you create a “thank you” landing page following your purchase. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell includes a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to customize your thank you page with various widgets and features. After you install the app, there is also an analytics section where you can keep track of upselling and cross-sell purchases in your store.

This app is ideal for any retailer looking to boost conversion rates and sales.


If you own a Shopify-based online store and want to boost customer interaction, you should consider implementing a Wishlist Plus app. Wish Lists are a simple strategy that can help your store increase sales while also increasing consumer engagement and conversion rates.

Wishlist Plus is one of the most critical elements in any online store.


Shopify stores can use the app to provide a payment plan as part of the eCommerce checkout process.

By providing clients with a personalized, flexible payment plan checkout option, you can increase your conversion rate and turnover.

Add the app for your Shopify store and give your consumers a genuinely unforgettable online shopping experience by allowing them to make a purchase they might not have made otherwise.


Customers can use the AfterShip Returns Center to submit their return requests without contacting the stores directly. Customers can choose what they want to return in the order they want, the reason for the return, how their issue is to be addressed, and how they want to return the item on the branded returns website. When the user submits a return request, it will show in the returns management portal. Approve the #RMA generated manually or establish the return request auto-approval rules. The shipping instructions in your returns admin site will be delivered to the customers once authorized.

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