Why Maxsource

Customer Satisfaction is our First Priority

At Maxsource, our customers have always been our first priority. We have been serving global organizations with outsourcing solutions that help them gain a cutting-edge in the highly competitive world of business. We are an organization that stands out among the several outsourcing vendors that you might find in India. Unlike other offshore service providers, who specialize in providing just a few services, we specialize in providing many distinct services.

Why become a Maxsource customer?

1. We can manage all your back-office operations with our wide range of services

2. Our services have been especially designed to cater to the unique requirements faced by different industries

3. With our passion for quality, you will experience accuracy and quality throughout the outsourcing process

4. Customer satisfaction has always been the number one objective of every employee at Maxsource. Contact us with your outsourcing requirements.

The Reasons Clients Choose Us?

As far as the distinctive features of Maxsource are cocerned, we excel in following aspects:

Reliability/Accessibility: We employ a secure, collaborative project management system that we grant you complimentary access to. With the unique dashboard view, you always know when and what we’re working on. Our time-saving reporting system ensures that you never wonder if a task is being completed or how long it’s taking. We are flexible and efficient with our time, which our clients appreciate.

Proactive, not reactive: We help you improve. Over the years, we’ve gained experience, so chances are we’ve worked with someone who’s been in your shoes. We do not hesitate to be proactive when it comes to your business. If we see something we think you could be doing better, faster or smarter – we tell you.

Vast range of services: We are the largest US-based Virtual Assistant team that we know of, meaning we offer hundreds of business services. We serve as a one-stop shop for the clients business’ needs.

Affordable rates: You don’t pay higher rates for graphic designers or web developers; everything falls into our simple, comprehensive hourly rate. You pay monthly on the date convenient to you. Unlike other Virtual Assistant firms, we never charge rush fees, impose long-term contracts or have complicated rate structures.

Dedicated Project Manager: Each client is assigned a detail-oriented Project Manager, whom they can count on for project updates and brainstorming. There’s no need to micro-manage or chase deadlines. Consider it as done.