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Digital Marketing Strategies Focused on Increasing the Reach and Conversions

Packs Project is a manufacturer of vegan leather backpacks, duffel bags and messenger bags located in Los Angeles, California. Naim Merchant is the CEO of Packs project. He firmly believed that education must be offered to all the growing generations all around the world. Through Packs Project he was aiming to raise funds for education relief in developing nations.Yes this is something to appreciate. He reached Maxsource Technologies asking for a helping hand to reach their product to the targeted customers. He wanted us to do SEO, SMO and Google Ads services for Packs Project.

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You know you need to market your business to become or remain visible to your target audience. Packs Project even if they tried marketing their brand they were not completely successful in audience building and also in conversions as they have to spend their time on operational issues and also they are not well versed in marketing techniques and strategies.So they decided to seek help from the experts. They wanted Maxsource to have the complete hand in SEO, SMO and Google Ads. So as we always say, we never fail our customers.

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Creating a simple marketing plan will help alleviate many of your marketing challenges. So we studied the Packs Project thoroughly, we developed an effective marketing plan considering all their requirements. We created an action plan keeping up with trends and technology in SEO, SMO and Google Ads and we started acting according to the plan. Yes, it worked out. We were able to reach their product to the expected audience and the conversions rates also increased. We are still grateful that we were able to provide Packs Project the results they were expecting for.

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