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GetNeuro is a lifestyle company devoted to creating products like Neuro Gum and Neuro Mints that enhance daily life. Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen, Yes! they are the brilliant minds and the Co-founders behind this wonderful concept of boosting our minds and they were looking forward to increase customers and to improve website traffic Wonderful minds can contribute wonderful ideas to the world and it can also bring out the better version of you. So let’s say cheers to the masterminds of GetNeuro. GetNeuro is a confectionery eCommerce company that got funded via IndieGoGo. Neurogum is a caffeinated chewing gum that is being marketed as a nootropic gum because of its use of L-theanine which is believed to enhance brain function.

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They were looking for a way to quickly and easily show its range of services to site visitors. With different services to offer, it was difficult for users to figure out where to begin. Furthermore, we needed to present the brand that set them apart from their competitors to provide a robust experience.Kent & Ryan as they were new to the business, they were trying so hard to bring their product to the entire world and also to take their business to a different level. In this Digital era, obviously the first thought that would come to all business minds is Digital Marketing.  They started looking for someone who could optimize their website via organic and paid channels. They had their Google PPC campaign in action but failed to produce the results they aimed for. Neuro was fresh in business and they needed a high-end marketing solution that can bring about a change to their Branding, Marketing, and Sales. 

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Maxsource enjoys the reputation of a highly skilled company where our main focus for any Digital Marketing campaign is Sales and Lead Generation. We were so dedicated to work for GetNeuro and to bring them the necessary results. So as we do for all our clients we did a thorough analysis of their business model and what kind of strategy can uplift Neuro’s sales figures with good ROI. We as a digital marketing company have never failed our customers. We handled Neuro’s campaign with utmost perfection and yeah, we started to gain expected results just in a matter of 30 days. Isn’t that great? With a great combination of Branded and Non-Branded content strategy, we started observing great numbers for Neuro. Our major channels of Branding and Marketing were Google Adwords, Facebook Ads (Retargeting and Conversion Ads specifically), YouTube Ads, Yahoo, Pinterest, and Bing Ads.

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