Charlie Banana

High Converting UI/UX to Digital Marketing

Charlie Banana offers a unique product to all the eco-consistent consumers out there. It is the only company that offers washable and reusable cloth diapers and menstrual pads for women that are truly eco-friendly and innovative. They required a dedicated team to uncover the problems of their site and help come into the market limelight.

What Web Services We Provided

Below is a list of the online services we provided to our client, Charlie Banana.






Charlie Banana desired a team that could assist them in various ways. From a conversion-friendly UI/UX to product management on Amazon. The firm sought a means to reach its intended audience. Aside from that, it required some deft digital marketing methods that would provide profit-based results, allowing customers to discover more about the brand.


We got on board with a team of specialists from several fields to provide this Eco-Friendly company with precisely what they needed. Not only did we create a high-converting UI and UX, but we also arranged their Instagram profile and handled a perfect Amazon listing procedure for their items. Based on user testing data, our team of UI/UX designers pushed its existing site to the next level. The result was an interface that was straightforward to use and comprehend. Our digital marketing methods for them resulted in a complete brand experience that people would interact with. We began by creating to see a notable difference in conversion, using graphic designs and Instagram creatives with a full-color palette that displays their ingenuity.