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We Provide Blockchain
Development Services

We’re experts at building dependable and secure blockchain technologies
from the ground up, as well as customizing existing blockchain solutions with system tweaks,
integrations, and implementations.

Blockchain Technology Development

We can create a unique Blockchain solution for you from scratch. Our programmers create blockchain technology that helps businesses thrive by implementing unique consensus methods, architectures, cryptocurrencies, individual nodes, and other features.

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Blockchain Security

We develop blockchain security software that identifies and addresses the core components of a cross-industry standard for shared and distributed ledgers, while also revolutionizing the way businesses conduct global transactions.

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Public & Private Blockchain

We develop both public and private blockchain solutions for enterprises that perform numerous transactions per second or very few transactions. All of our systems are tailored to your specific business requirements and delivered on time.

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Decentralized Applications

We create unique decentralized applications and integrate them into existing enterprise systems so that organizations may collaborate and conduct a variety of commercial activities in a safe and secure environment.

As a blockchain app development business, we ensure that any solution we produce reduces attack vulnerability significantly. Our team is well-versed in bolstering crucial network and hardware needs, as well as addressing data tampering challenges through the development of robust blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Application Development

We use third-party blockchain software solutions to create secure, scalable Blockchain Applications that may decrease losses, avoid fraud, eliminate expensive intermediary fees, enhance local and international trade, transmit sensitive information, and much more in a centralized platform.

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Dedicated Blockchain Team

We provide professional blockchain teams to assist our clients in obtaining high-quality, secure solutions that are suited to their individual requirements. We assist business owners in converting their ideas into blockchain solutions, as well as polishing and reviewing existing blockchain apps. You may always outsource this job to us, whether you need to build your blockchain solution from the ground up or are seeking methods to optimize your current implementations.

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Smart Contract Development

We design blockchain smart contracts that automate transactions, boost trust, and eliminate the need for third-party authentication. We assist our clients in reducing operational expenses and ensuring legal compliance by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Ethereum, NEM, Stellar, and others.

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Blockchain Mobile App Integration

We use REST APIs to seamlessly connect our clients’ existing products into mobile apps. Clients of your business will be able to conduct transactions seamlessly using the comfort of a mobile app thanks to blockchain mobile app integration.

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Cryptocurrency Solutions Development

We construct cryptocurrency trading platforms and OEM-white-labeled cryptocurrency exchanges. Customer onboarding, cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal support, trading dashboard development, and order matching engine integration are all services we offer. We support up to ten cryptocurrencies on average.

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Blockchain Supply Chain Development

For a variety of industries, we build, deploy, and maintain blockchain supply chain systems that provide complete transparency throughout the product’s path.

Our Blockchain Application Development Process

We help people turn their ideas into scalable and dependable applications. We advocate adopting a process to test fast and achieve early product maturity. We’ve customized our process to reflect the continuous blockchain industry changes, based on our experience building 100+ digital platforms for clouds, apps, and blockchain enterprises.

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Blockchain Consulting

We assist our clients in determining the blockchain’s possibilities for their business. We conduct market research, project feasibility study, a blockchain platform, and tool analysis, and feature prioritization.

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Technical Design and User Experience

We deliver high-fidelity designs while guaranteeing a seamless user experience as a Blockchain development firm. The technical design includes the platform’s system blueprint, which includes technical component specification, user stories, and database architecture.

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Enterprise Blockchain Development

Our blockchain developers create enterprise-grade solutions from concept through design and development to help clients reduce time to market and increase ROI.

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Get right-hand access to the platform at the proper time. On-premise or in the cloud, our blockchain development team implements permissioned and public blockchain.

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We keep track of new OS releases, third-party updates, and new releases and provide support for them. Any serious issues can be resolved with the help of our blockchain developers.

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Migration and Upgrades

We can assist you in migrating your current solution to the blockchain. We make certain to build a testing, migration, and update roadmap. We recognize the importance of keeping the business process going and avoiding downtime.

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Schedule an appointment for a consultation

Get in touch with our team to find out if your project concept is feasible.

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Obtain a Price Estimate

We share a project proposal with budget and timing estimations based on the project requirements.

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The Start of the Project

Once the contract is finalized, we assemble a team of experts from various fields to get your idea off the ground.

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Team at Maxsource was an incredible asset to our team, especially as we entered into both Shark Tank and Joe Rogan. Their expertise helped us maximize those two marketing opportunities, allowing us to get an amazing return on our Google ad spend. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable across all mediums, which helped us get great ROI on Facebook retargeting initiatives as well as our new entry into Pinterest. I’m excited to see what they can do with bigger budgets and beyond.
Kent Yoshimura

Kent Yoshimura

Co-Founder & CEO
“Maxsource people were very detail oriented. They were always available for me and went out of their way to accommodate me. The quality of work is excellent, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them, I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable web development and digital marketing work! I also wish them all the best in their new ventures.”
Fais Dhirani

Fais Dhirani

Founder -Albert's Printing NY
“Maxsource team has a tremendous amount of talent and they worked really hard to ensure that this project was completed successfully. I really appreciate their dedication and time – These guys did an incredible job. One is one of the best agencies that I’ve ever worked with.”

Stacey Hronowski

CEO & Founder-CoSwyvel
“Absolutely LOVE working with Maxsource. I highly recommend them and will absolutely be reaching out again in the future!”
Jacob Whitish

Jacob Whitish

Virtual Media Summit LLC
“Delivered everything as promised on schedule and explained how and what she was doing and why. Was fantastic to work with”
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Kenneth Zachman

Founder -The Daily Q
“People at Maxsource are the best, they’re awesome! I’m going to recommend them to any of my friends who are looking for quality work and efficiency! Thank you, team Maxsource!!!”
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