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ORM can help your business generate more leads

Over one billion names are searched on Google every day!

While you may not have looked yourself up, for sure someone else has. Based on that, people make perception about you. You never know, what they may find in an online search that can make them decide not to enter into business with you.

Whatever you do online can be tracked and stored, all credits to the technology. That clearly means:

  • Everything you post on Facebook or Twitter
  • Every item you search for
  • A website you visit
  • An online transaction you make, and
  • A conversation you have through text or messenger

All these exist somewhere. Even scarier, a private email or message you sent to a friend – even if you deleted it – could be traced back!

Well, that is a huge calling why you need an Online Reputation Management. Isn’t it?

How you look online directly impacts your career. Negative items showing up online can damage your profession whereas having a positive online reputation leads to better career opportunities.

At Maxsource we would do everything to offer you a successful online presence with our proven marketing strategies.


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