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Franklin's Case Study

We developed their branding

Franklin's Case Study

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Brand Development

We developed their branding to something that fits with their image.They already had a great reputation within the community, and we wanted to create something that gave them a full corporate look with an outlook of representing the brand they are.

The client specific approach:

When we feel that our client is drawn towards a particular color, we feel encouraged to used them for branding purposes, as that’s the way they get confidence in their brand identity.As per an organization who is very sensitive towards client’s colors we made the branding exactly as per the choice and no wonders, they felt totally motivated with the colour blending and everything around branding.

It was only Logo, but their whole corporate took over with our design skills.

Website Design and Development

We designed a website to retain and convert visitors. In this business, it’s lot more than Life Insurance, where we had to be really clear in what we are offering and how can the prospective people covert into clients. We also paid close attention to the usability, and made sure to design for new leads as well as current clients.

Lead Generation, LinkedIn and Appointment Setting

Right from creating a web visibility by SEO, Doing networking with LinkedIn contacts and finalizing a meeting, we were an active part of this proposition and made great face to face appointments that could convert in clients.

Media Planning

When we have sales, but we still need a powerful brand visibility and that only comes down when you are in media, right from establishing connecting with Journalists, TV and Radio Anchors to Print Media, we made sure Franklin get’s the visibility that has made him reach to it’s mark.

Event Planning

Have you ever experienced people flying down for your event and marking their presence? It happens but in the case of big names only, Here at Franklin’s event, which was dedicated to working ladies had a major influence in drawing attention.Being event marketing specialist as well, we sold 500 tickets, which resulted in a brilliant event that ultimately led to conversions.