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Cross Platform Applications

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As flexibility and future- proof are our key quality traits, we also have the expertise on the PhoneGap open source framework, a technology that allows us to build apps that are IOS, Android and Windows compatible. PhoneGap bridges the language and scripting gaps between the languages used to code for IOS, Android and Windows. It can be used for building quick cross –platform mobile apps with the use of HTML5, Javascript and CSS. PhoneGap gives the flexibility of just wrapping your app with PhoneGap and deploying it on the mobile!

Unique Advantages of Cross Platform Applications

  • Free and open source
  • Create apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Reduce development and long-term maintenance cost
  • Cross platform technologies lower the technical barriers
  • Reduce the number of required skills for the development team
  • Single code for building mobile apps for iPhone and Android platform
  • Supports all major mobile platforms include iPhone, BlackBerry, Android,
  • Windows mobile and Symbian